Administration – it’s not as straight forward as it ought to be

This is a story that shouldn’t have to be told. What should be a straight forward affair once the seemingly essential paperwork is done, then people like Muriel Porter should be able to rest easy that she has done all that is required. But we can’t rely on the should word. Other people and agencies have other ideas and are not prone to giving much credence to the likes of Muriel. This is her story as posted on the ABC News website Tuesday 24 January 2023.

In: Before my husband’s death, I thought we had our affairs in order. Now I’m dealing with a nightmare of administration, Muriel writes …

For the past eight years — since my husband’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis — I have been managing all our finances.

When he was diagnosed, we had immediately set in place enduring powers of attorney and guardianship arrangements, as well as ensuring that all utilities and bank accounts were in joint names.

He already had a straightforward will, leaving everything to me, and he had always dutifully signed superannuation documents to say I was to inherit his super after his death.

Seems as if we had everything in place, doesn’t it? That’s what I thought — until he died two months ago.

I am overwhelmed now not just with grief — that is bad enough — but with a nightmare of administration.

And the worst of it is with his superannuation pensions.

Payments simply stopped.

Once the two super funds were notified of my husband’s death, the pensions simply stopped.

Yes, stopped, without any warning, without any notification. The monthly pension payments are no longer turning up.

Learn more by reading the full story HERE.

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