Authors speak about how a fear of death has played out over human history

It’s all well and good to read the book, but it’s also good to have the opportunity to her from the authors. This edition of Big Ideas from ABC Radio National provides us with that. Paul Barclay is our host.

Rachel Menzies and her father Ross Menzies, authors of Mortals

To make the most of life, it’s best to get a handle on what death might mean and how best to approach the subject not only in a practical way, but also from an historical perspective. Guests on the program delve into the deep end and help shed light on this topic in a way that helps us better understand where we fit in and how we might use this knowledge to ease us along the path from our current place to what will be our ending of days.

The producers of the program write: Make the most of your life and be at peace with death. Easy to say but hard to do. Death is not a topic we’re encouraged to talk about but its shadow shapes many of the things we do.

Mortals: How the fear of death shaped human society recorded 10 March 2022 Adelaide Writers Week

First broadcast 31 March 2022. Rebroadcast Thursday 12 January 2023.


Rachel Menzies-Author and Postgraduate Fellow University of Sydney

Ross Menzies– Author and Professor UTS Graduate School of Health

Rick Sarre-host-Adjunct Professor of Law and Criminal Justice University of South

Listen here.

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