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Pre-death and Post-death resources can be extremely helpful for those left to sort out the affairs of the person who has died.  Here is a printable page noting the important documents to prepare: Advance planning, AHC Plan, Pwr of Attorney, End Guardian, etc

The list needs to include:

Note: The Will is the absolute must-do essential item.

More resources:

The Dying Person’s Bill of Rights:

Death for Beginners Worksheets (a 42 page workbook; a good checklist from which to select the topics relevant to each persons situation):

Crossings, funeral resource guide:   and more:

Advance Death Care Directive (reference to a 24 page booklet available for recording funeral planning wishes; not dissimilar to the titles above):

 Start2Talk is a planning tool of the Alzheimer’s Australia. Planning ahead is thinking about your future, and putting things in place so that your choices will be known and acted on if you cannot express these choices yourself later in life.  This may happen if you have a sudden accident, become very ill or develop a condition such as dementia that affects your memory and your planning ability. Planning ahead can include issues related to your finances, lifestyle or health care.  This website will help you to plan ahead for your future. It is a practical and comprehensive resource for people across Australia just like you. It gives you the information you need to make decisions and helps you to put your decisions into action.


Douglas Goldberg, Getting My Ducks in a Row (USA);
Lisa Herbert, The Bottom Drawer Book (Aus);
Margie Jenkins, My Personal Planner (USA);
Shanna Provost, Rest Easy Journal (Aus);
Carole Sandberg, The Gift of Preparation

• Those of us looking for a  good resource to discuss death and dying issues with senior school students or adult groups will find this study guide based on the film TENDER, prepared by the Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) very useful: tender_v0.2 (1) Study guide

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