Gratitude and thankfulness are good for the soul

At times of loss and grief it can help us rebalance with some tried and true ways of dealing with these situations.

There’s nothing magical or mysterious about them. And whereas we would once have said they are common sense, the science now backs them up as being good for us.

To have a sense of gratitude and thankfulness as a standard part of who we are, can go a long way to warding off extreme bouts of the blues and feelings of depression.

Sana Qadar, All in the Mind presenter, ABC Radio National

In this program of All in the Mind (ABC RN, Sun 5 Dec 2021), presenter Sana Qadar, introduces two guests … Dr Kerry Howells – Researcher; Author, Untangling You: How Can I Be Grateful When I Feel So Resentful? and Dr John Malouff, Associate Professor of Psychology, University of New England.

The amplification of gratitude, helps to make the good more positive than the bad, which for many people is the default state of mind they live with. To amplify gratitude and be aware of the benefits that can come from being grateful, demonstrates how much we need of a cycle of gratitude to be ever present. Not only present in our private thinking but also to express appreciation, where we hear ourselves saying how much we appreciate the good and the beautiful in other people and of mother earth who is the source of our lives

In fact getting out into nature and having a sense of gratitude for the wonders of the natural world does us the world of good, mentally and physically.

Listen to the program here: All in the Mind – Gratitude

Hands of woman writing letter.
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