You don’t need to have a hearse or a church or hire a funeral director

This is the kind of story we like to feature at Die-alogue Cafe. It fits with our way of thinking about doing end of life events right down to the shroud and the natural burial ground site.

This is the story of John Reid who died at home surrounded by family on 16 September 2021. Loved and cherished by many his memory will endure for all the right reasons.

The hand made coffin on the hand built hand drawn cart

His body was wrapped in a shroud sourced by a family member – Wendy – decorated by family members then placed on a cart built by a friend Jamie (?) Friday

The cart with John on board was walked along a creek for two hours before being laid to rest in a natural burial grave site at a local cemetery. Covered with flowers, when filled in the grave area was planted out with tree seedlings in memory of a man who loved nature and the bush.

A mighty long loaf of locally crafted bread made in the Redbeard Historic Bakery, Trentham, Victoria

John Reid was owner and operator of a well know bakery in Trentham, Victoria, (Australia) where the staff baked this enormous loaf of bread to be served at the celebration for John after the funeral.

What a story to pass on the family and friends. You can watch the funeral that was broadcast on YouTube at this link: John Reid on Living It Live

This was posted on the RedBeard Bakery Facebook page …16 September  ·

Our beautiful Dad, husband, son, brother, friend and colleague John Reid died today at home in the embrace of his family. Watching brain cancer diminish such a vital, passionate, loving man was almost unbearable. But it’s our memories of Johnny’s larger-than-life character and soul that we wish to celebrate and cherish. While it’s impossible to encapsulate an entire life in a few words, here’s a rough sketch, an impression. John was…

…extraordinarily kind, generous, loyal, loving, thoughtful, cantankerous, passionate, obstinate, dogmatic, tolerant, difficult, brave, irreverent, hilarious, radical, knowledgable, wise, visionary… a teacher, naturalist, adventurer, skinny-dipper, hugger, confidante, shit-stirrer, enthuser, bullshitter, creator, sculptor, gardener, baker, builder, master craftsman, artist… the best Dad and husband in the world… one-of-a-kind.

You would have been an amazing grandfather. Your parents shouldn’t have outlived you. We weren’t ready to let you go. We had so many plans… you should still be with us. We’ll miss you beautiful man.

The bakery will be closed tomorrow (Friday) but our bakers past and present will be up all night baking a giant after loaf for Johnny to take with him.

Our fabulous staff will keep the bakery open and running while the family takes a couple of weeks off.

May he live on in the hearts of all who knew him and in the fire spirit of the old wood-fired oven he spent a lifetime working with.

Farewell Johnny. … 18.10.1962 to 16.09.2021

From .. John Gardner Reid:

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