A return to the past for funerals of the future

As traditions lose their grip on many people within our society and as children move away from the ways of doing business practised by their parents, there are also changes in the way we do funerals.  The future looks very different from the past.  And yet for some it is a return to ancient practices that served many a family well as well as society in general, for eons.  As always some people never adopted the new commercial, leave it us we know best, approach.

In The future of funerals, Saimi Jeong (Choice, March 2020 – Funeral Investigation), the case for home vigils, which is one aspect of the change, building your own coffin is another, natural burial, price comparison websites and community-led services, are also in the mix.  One of these new kids on the street is Tender Funerals who ‘lay bare aspects of the funeral process that are usually concealed from us: the specific ways you can prepare a body, or the placing of the lid on the coffin,’ reports Jeong.  “There’s a trend towards more people coming into the mortuary, doing wash and dress, creating their own ceremony,” says Jenny Briscoe-Hough, CEO of Tender Funerals.

Also ordering a cremation online and how to cut out the funeral director from taking control of what is for many a most intimate and personal experience.

Those who are leading the push for change and who are not waiting but getting on with what they see as innovative and visionary, are viewed rather sceptically by the big end of town. Big funeral companies see all this as a threat to their lucrative profit margins.

Get the full story at this linkThe future of funerals, Choice

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