To die with or without help – a conversation

For something a bit different here is a post that links to the audio feed of a radio program.

Josh Szeps (The People vs Death, ABC Radio National 15 September 2019) acts as the moderator of a conversation with a group of people talking about the issues that arise:

When an incurable condition gets its claws into your brain and you can’t look after yourself, remember what day it is, or recognise your loved ones, what should society do?

Would it be an act of grace, or a callous disregard for life, if someone helps you to die?

Victoria’s voluntary assisted dying laws came into effect in June this year, and Western Australia’s lower house passed proposed laws on voluntary assisted dying earlier this month.

How do we decide on moral questions about living and dying?

Guests include: Margaret Somerville, Professor of Bioethics, School of Medicine, University of Notre Dame, and Peter Singer, Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics, University Centre for Human Values, Princeton University.

Listen to the program at this link: The People vs Death



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  1. StephenVaddy says:

    Awesome! This may be by far the most helpful thing on the topic I have ever read. Thank you for your work.

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