Recompose your thoughts for this one

Recompose, fallen+log+cropped+-+labeled+for+reuse.pngThis is a good news story that we hope comes to fruition – literally bears fruit of the earthly kind. While it is all taking place in the United States, it is great to know that good people are working to bring about change in an area that desperately needs it.

First, a bill to legalise recomposition has been drafted and will be introduced during the January 2019 Washington State Legislative Session. The team at Recompose has been meeting with lawmakers all over the state, and it’s been fantastic to hear their support for this environmentally-aligned death care choice.

Second, the group is wrapping up a research pilot with Washington State University, and the results have been excellent.

Recomposition has been proven safe and effective; it’s a natural and gentle way to return our bodies to the earth. We look forward to sharing the official results with the Recompose community in the next few weeks.

To learn more and find out who is behind this venture: Recompose for a gentler way of returning to the earth

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