It’s story telling time


We picked up a copy of Seniors on the Coast recently (Issue 9 Jan/Feb 2016).

The report by Sarah Tolmie, Writing the story of your life and love, rang some bells and we thought it worth passing on.

“Our life is a storybook we are always authoring.  Each year is like a chapter.  Some of us will have a thin novella, some a weighty tome.”

Sarah is a civil celebrant whose job includes telling the story of the deceased at the funerals she officiates at.

“ … there is no more defining ceremony than one’s funeral, where your story is told; but often this is curated by others and if we aren’t careful, others will try to own, rewrite and even whitewash your story if you don’t claim your space and speak your truth.”

A great funeral …. faithfully captures the complexity, the fullness and the many aspects of a person’s lived experience and their relationships with their loved ones.”

The eulogy will tell of pains, regrets, triumphs, adventures and challenges; the flaws and the fabulous; the things that are perhaps less well known but define the person as special and unique.

Sarah goes on: “At a recent service a great 83 years young lady was farewelled in her red racing car coffin covered with Christmas bush.  We conducted the service in her home which was packed to the rafters. I delivered the service from the doorway of her bedroom.”

It’s time to pick up that pen and write the story from your perspective.  Get a conversation going with family and friends.  Involve the children and grandchildren.  For the most part young people love to hear what went on in the old days / or the not so old days.

For more go to:  and for the poem I Am Not Old, by Samantha Reynolds, go to:

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