Grand children benefit from grandparent care

The lifetimes we live between our beginnings and our endings is extremely important.  We think that this story contributes to that conversation.

James Adonis reports on the benefits of grandparents being involved in the raising of children.  Solved: free childcare! (SMH September 19 2014)  concludes that working parents, often seen as the ones who benefit the most, are not the only winners. The children and grandparents are big winners as well. He goes on to say …

“Even the human race benefits. Quite a lot. There’s a whole body of research supporting something known as the ‘grandmother hypothesis’. The theory suggests humans live longer than apes because of the role grandmothers play in caring for their grandkids, which frees their daughters to have more kids, thereby prolonging the survival of strong genes.”

So, a summary so far. Working parents, their children, and possibly the human race are all winners. But let’s get back to grandparents. What benefits, if any, do they derive from looking after their kids’ kids?  For the full story go to:   Follow on Twitter: @jamesadonis

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