Two Mortals – a play

When in Melbourne (Australia) check if there is a performance of Two Mortals anywhere around the traps. The website is a beauty.  Click on the About tab to read:

Mortality is something we all carry around with us. Often the conversation we have regarding it is with ourselves, or quietly to a trusted friend. With delicacy, cheekiness and wit, Two Mortals investigates: ‘how can we talk about death, and if we could, would it enrich our lives?’

In an attempt to illuminate one of the hardest topics, Two Mortals uses headphone verbatim (pioneered by Roslyn Oades) and integrated sound composition to create a tapestry of voices, opinions and insights into how we face mortality.

‘I think the only thing worse than death, is the thought of wasting all your non-dead time obsessing over it’   – posted by Heatherann at 4:14pm

For details including a couple of videos, visit:

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