ACT plans for VAD laws respect community wishes

Since the Canberra grandmother, Kath Dyson received a terminal illness diagnosis – leukaemia and given just months to live – she has been waiting for the ACT’s proposed voluntary assisted dying (VAD) laws to be introduced and says if change doesn’t come soon, she may contemplate suicide.

PICTURE: Kath Dyason and her daughter Anne. Credit, ABC News, Ian Cutmore

“I didn’t want to become a burden on everyone around me, and I didn’t want to lose all my faculties and just be this miserable vegetable and to die,” Ms Dyason said.

“People have a right to choose how and when they want to die rather than being kept alive in a state of misery and pain and anxiety.”

In: The ACT’s proposed voluntary assisted dying laws have yet to be introduced, but could be the most liberal in the country, Craig Allen (ABC News, Sunday 21 May 2023) reports that: Ms Dyason has been an advocate for voluntary euthanasia for more than 30 years – a view she passionately shared with her late husband, Canberra surgeon Dennis Dyason.

And she’s closely following the public debate over the ACT government’s proposed assisted dying laws, which are rapidly gaining momentum.

Get the full story at this link: Proposed VAD laws for the ACT.

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