A shroud does Rufus proud

Going out the green way is a possibility, but it takes determination and some pre-planning, otherwise the system will get in the way and before you know it the same old, same old conventional funeral process will become the order of the day and another opportunity to send a message and change the system will be lost. That applies for many people in Australia who aspire to going out green, but end up not.

In this post we draw readers attention to this article: A Green Burial for Rufus (Sacred Crossings, Mar 13, 2023) A couple of extracts follow, but for the full story and some wonderful pictures that help fill in the details, click on the highlighted link above.

We gathered under the Pergola where friends could be close to his shroud and say any final words. His daughter Fany led pallbears to the ‘meadow’ where we formed a circle and invoked the four directions, the elements, the seasons and all the creatures of the earth to be with us as we honored our brother Rufus. The dogs barked, babies cried and friends told stories. It was simple, and true and kind.

Then we took Rufus to the grave which had been dug the day before and lined with cedar boughs ready to receive his body. Family and friends gently lowered the shroud. Fany placed his favorite hat and we all stepped up to add flowers and greenery and to say good bye. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

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