Return to the earth as a tree

In:What Tree Will You Be When You Die?, Georgina Reid (Wonderground 26.11.2019), she speculates on the various options available to us when we die if our wish is to be a little closer to the earth than is normally the case.

Writes Georgina …

When I die, I want to be a tree. I’m not fixed on a particular species – I’d be happy to be a she-oak like the ones on the banks of the river near my house, or a yellow box from the farm of my childhood. I’d also be fine to be a banksia or an angophora. As long as my body is offering itself to new life, I don’t mind. I mean, I won’t mind, because I won’t have one.

One thing I do mind is the way I go. No funeral parlour, no horrible MDF coffin, no embalming, no city cemetery. I want to simply return to the earth and help something else grow. I’m not alone. The movement towards natural death practices is growing rapidly (ha!) due to the economic and environmental costs of common funeral practices, and a desire to re-connect to rituals around death. Green funeral directors, death walkers, coffin-making clubs, death cafes, and even mushroom burial suits are part of a return to a more connected vision of death and dying.

The full story here.

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