Getting on with it – for the sake of those who come next

Here we go again. Another report that tells the same old story of Australians not getting on with getting properly prepared for their end-of-life trip.

Report by the GroundSwell Project 2022

Rather than go on with another notation of why we need to pay attention to our aging and our future frailty that will eventually lead to our ending of days, we simply provide a link to the latest report that contains this information we all need to be aware if we are to be sufficiently informed about where we are at as a society .. for instance 35 per cent have got it done, 28 per cent are thinking about getting it done, while almost a third, 31 per cent are not intending getting their affairs sorted any tine soon.

What’s the best time to get our stuff sorted? Ten years ago. Five years ago. Twelve months ago. Last week. And the next best time is now. All we can do is send a message and urge us all if we haven’t done so, is get on with Getting Dead Set.

Report by the GroundSwell Project prepared for Dying to Know Day 2022.

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