The NORM and the NORO

Here are a couple of new acronyms for us to get our heads around.

A clue or two probably won’t be sufficient to provide the four words involved, but the image will go a long way towards giving us a good idea.

A NORM is a Natural Organic Reduction Manager and a NORO is a Natural Organic Reduction Operator. They are both positions within the Recompose business which is offering the service of body composting in the USA.

Death – though heart-wrenching – can be beautiful. Its rituals can be meaningful, and disposition of the body can be gentle and natural.

Recompose is an ecological death care company based in Seattle, Washington. When we open Recompose will offer the service of natural organic reduction (NOR), where human bodies are converted into soil. We are building the Recompose model to be an alternative to the existing funeral industry, offering an authentic, participatory experience for families and a natural return to the earth for the dead.

Natural organic reduction is a managed thermophilic biological process used to convert organic material, including human remains, into a more stable earthy organic material that is unrecognizable as human remains.

More information at the link: Become soil when you die

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