Where to bury the dead – future endings exercises the minds of more than cemetery operators

Some of the country’s best known cemeteries are at capacity and there’s a looming crisis over where our dead will be buried. 

In this program on ABC Radio National, Julian Morrow speaks with three people who are applying some lateral thinking for the families needing to lay their loved ones to rest, either literally in the form of body disposal or placing cremains following a cremation. The trio talk about alternatives to traditional burials and cremations and discuss culture, religion, public spaces and death tech. 

Green or natural burial, Aquamation or alkaline hydrolysis, composting via Recompose and other options are canvassed.


Hannah Gould, Australian Death Studies Society and part of the DeathTech team at the University of Melbourne 

Robert Pitt, Chief Executive Officer at Adelaide Cemeteries Authority

Sam Holleran, Researcher, University of Melbourne working on planning of cemeteries in greater Melbourne.

Listen to this fascinating conversation that took place on Sunday Extra, June 6 at 9.30am as part of the regular Round Table segment. Check the link below or search for Sunday Extra and click on the appropriate segment …… What’s the future of burials

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