Choice at end of life

When pain and suffering become intolerable, the right to intervene to permit a more dignified and peaceful ending would seem like a no brainer.

But despite most people agreeing with such thinking, our elected parliamentarians for the most part have thought otherwise – at least up until now.

A new bill is soon to go before the NSW parliament that will hopefully be a circuit breaker in the dying with dignity space that has dragged on over many years.

Letters to editors can help bring these matters to the fore, which is the case here:

It’s about dignity and a decision (Letter to the editor, Newcastle Herald, 31 December 2020)

Gladys Berejiklian must allow a conscience vote when Alex Greenwich puts his bill before parliament (Most NSW voters back euthanasia law: poll’. Herald 27/12). It has become clear that a large majority of NSW voters would like the opportunity to die with dignity.

I, like thousands of other people have had to witness a loved one die a lingering, painful and pitiful death.  We the (estimated 85 per cent) need to let our members of parliament know that we want voluntary assisted dying in NSW as they have in Victoria, and Western Australia.  It is also probably soon to be introduced into Tasmania, South Australia and Queensland. 

Signing the petition which is currently being promoted by the Dying with Dignity (DWD) organization, and which will be available to shopping centres throughout the coming months, will help to convince our MP’s that we want dying in a dignified manner to be our right.

John Smith, Mount Hutton.

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