Customers still getting a raw deal on this most basic of services

This isn’t the first time the biggest funeral provider in Australia has been called out for treating customers rather badly.

Rani Hayman in: Choice hands Shonky awards to InvoCare funerals and Harvey Norman’s partnership with Latitude Finance (ABC News, 9 November 2020), reports that:

Allegations of questionable credit practices, unclear funeral pricing and deceptive sales tactics have put five products and businesses in the firing line of this year’s Shonky awards.

The annual awards, handed out by consumer advocacy group Choice, name and shame brands it says have failed to give Australian consumers a fair deal.

Harvey Norman and InvoCare funerals are the big brands to feature in this year’s awards.

Choice CEO Alan Kirkland said companies it alleged preyed on vulnerable Australians had been called out.

“InvoCare — the company behind White Lady Funerals and Simplicity Funerals — has done everything it can to avoid being upfront with grieving families about cost,” he said.

InvoCare is behind nearly 40 brands and is the dominant player in Australia’s funeral industry.

Get the full story at the link: Choice hands shonky awards to Invocare

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