More options for after death care provides more choice

Alternative ways of doing after death care have been around for a few years now, but there seems to be a little more interest lately, as indicated in this story by Wiriya Sati and Adriane Reardon: Eco-burials, home funeral options on the rise as consumers think outside the box (ABC Mid North Coast, 7 June 2020). They write: 

Although many families are considering alternatives to traditional burial practices, their decision usually comes down to a matter of cost.

According to research by the Australian Funeral Directors Association, a funeral’s cost is considered more important than religion, life philosophy and culture.

A not-for-profit funeral service is now finding its way into towns and cities around Australia to provide the community with more options and take the commercial side out of death.

Denis Juelicher is helping establish the Tender Funerals franchise on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales.

It began in Wollongong several years ago in a community hall to meet the need that exists within the most disadvantaged parts of the community.

Denis Juelicher is starting Tender Funerals in Port Macquarie.(ABC Port Macquarie: Wiriya Sati)

“We think it’s important that funerals and death is handled within the community and that people actually feel comfortable and confident in making the choices that is right for them and the diversity of people around them,” Ms Juelicher said.

She says Tender Funerals encourages people to think outside the square and look at cheaper options, including guests bringing flowers rather than purchasing them.

It also offers alternative caskets.

Regulations differ from state to state, but in NSW a person can be kept at home after death for several days, and Tender Funerals can provide a cooling plate to save a loved one’s body until the funeral.

Read the full story at this link: Eco burial and home funeral options on the rise

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