The funeral as a community undertaking

“The idea of funeral insurance is ridiculous, because we are all going to die,” says Jenny Briscoe-Hough, founder of Tender Funerals based at Port Kembla on the NSW south coast. 

In: Tender touch stops ‘funeral poverty’ from raising spectre of hard times, Julie Power (SMH 1-2 February 2020) writes, ‘Tender will offer a funeral saver plan, developed after meetings with the country’s consumer watchdogs, as an alternative to funeral insurance.’

Tender Funerals is a not-for-profit community operated enterprise that relies on volunteers for much of the services it provides.

“It is empowering. It is telling people what is possible, and once they know what is possible, they absolutely do know what they want. What is apparent is you can change culture within one funeral. Once people have that experience, they don’t want another,” says Ms Briscoe-Hough.

Tender Funerals has plans to offer a service that will be community run as a social franchise. From Perth to Port Macquarie people are expressing an interest in the new approach.  Read the full story at: Tender touch

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