When the coffin becomes a tourist attraction

Bizarre, ridiculous, crazy, disrespectful, commercial madness, tourism gone too far.  However you like to describe it the coffin races at Manitou Springs, Colorada are something to be seen to be believed – at least for those of us not used to such antics.

The 2018 event was held on 27th October and attracted a large number of entries. The race is held to honour Emma Crawford, “a young woman seeking the mineral springs “cure” from tuberculosis. Emma came to Manitou Springs in the 1800’s. Sadly, Emma passed away in 1890. Before passing, Emma asked her fiance to bury her on top of Red Mountain. Her wish was honored, and her remains rested peacefully atop the mountain until 1912. During the early 1900’s, the Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company began building an incline to the mountain top, forcing her coffin to be moved. She was reburied on the south slope of the mountain. After several years of rain and harsh weather conditions, Emma’s remains slid down the mountain into the canyon below, where two young boys found her name plate and the silver handles from her casket.

Manitou Springs, in honor of Emma Crawford, celebrates this fun and crazy event of the Emma Crawford Coffin Races and Festival, now in its 24th year.  Up to 70 teams compete in the races.  For more: Emma Crawford Coffin Races

A similar event is held at Denton on its annual Day of the Dead Festival.  For more: Denton Day of the Dead Festival

Denton DoDead Coffin race entrant1

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