Prayers of the faithful

We came upon this story while listening to Australia All Over with Ian McNamara on ABC Local Radio, Sunday June 24, 2018.

Norma Polese is from Italian stock and with her husband “Beepi” ran a restaurant in Sydney for many years.   Her funeral was held at St Mary Magdelene Catholic Church, Rose Bay on June 20th.  The reason for our interest is this Prayer read by Norma’s daughter-in-law Sheena – in this instance re-read by Ian McNamara:

‘For all the women and mothers who have supported their husbands, partners and families to fulfill their ambitions through sacrifice and compromise of their own potential, may they know their love and commitment is valued by their community and that women’s work is one of the most important labours in society.  Let us give thanks to all women and mothers who have cared for us as children and enabled us to flourish and to the wives give so much to their husbands to enable their success.’

Said Ian: “And I thought – you spoke a book Sheena, you spoke a book.  How true is that.”

The service was conducted by Tony Doherty, the soloist was Tanith Bryce, organist Kurt Ison.  The segment can be heard here – drag to the right and listen from 3:04:10 …


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