Going to sit right down and write myself a letter – about death.

As with many projects that we get involved in, they can take on a life of their own.  This is the case with Tina FiveAsh who started The Death Letter Project as a PhD research project in late 2014.

The aim was “to invite fifty Australians to hand write a letter, responding to: what is death; and what happens when we die?”

“The letters, designed for public display alongside photographic portraits of each contributor, were intended to inspire fresh thought, contemplation, and conversation about death – undoubtedly the most mystifying, feared, and significantly undiscussed human experience in modern western society,” says FiveAsh.

The Project has morphed into something rather bigger than first imagined.  Rather than stop at fifty it will now continue for who knows how long.  It was launched in July 2017.  Beyond this new letters will be published every week.

As an example of one contributor, Victoria Spence | Life Rites Holistic Funeral Director / Counsellor / Celebrant, wrote:

Dear Tina

What is death?

Death is an impossible question that takes us beyond what we can know. To the ends and beginnings of things. A mystery, to be kept for the experience of it, alone. So whilst I can’t speak of my death, I can speak about what I have experienced of the deaths of others that have graced and shaped my life.

To read her complete letter and those of many others visit: https://www.deathletterprojects.com/about

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