Connecting with our caring nature

This month marks an expanded focus for Die-alogue Cafe.

In addition to the regular posts on the dying and death and funerals theme, there will be new perspectives that touch on our relationships with the past, under the general description of recalling the contribution of ancestors; our relationships with our bodies and our third skin (biotechture); and our relationships with other species that we share the earth with. On this last point we will discuss our unique propensity for driving out other species – the desire to dominate at the expense of others.

The way we have distanced ourselves from times past and our destructive behaviour that is hellbent on reshaping nature in our own image, is leaving us bereft of the qualities needed to live well such that we might die well – or as Stephen Jenkinson would put it: Die Wise.

We trust that this expanded worldview will help us better appreciate the unique position we are in. It must not be seen as entitlement. We need to fully embrace the fact that we belong to the earth, the earth does not belong to us.  Over the coming months our posts will reflect these sentiments.  Die-alogue Cafe meetings will include these items in the agenda.  Taking a more holistic approach, being more inclusive, will help us see the big picture and hopefully temper ideas for navel gazing and silo building.


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