Six ways to think and talk about mortality

How to get a conversation about death and dying started and convincing family and friends that it is a subject that needs to be talked about well before there is any emergency or ‘necessity’ can seem like hard work.  We are constantly on the look out for creative ways to connect with people.  This story from Christine Colby: You’re Going to Die, Here’s How to Deal with It (Lifehacker 2.01.2017) covers a lot of ground and does it in a very down to earth way that we reckon, comes at the subject from a range of angles that may well resonate with people – even those who might at first seem reluctant to get on board.

So here are some of the angles that Christine presents: How and where to start talking about death; Contemplating decomposition makes you less afraid of your own death; Getting your paperwork in order is comforting for everyone; Downsize, donate, and declutter, so nobody else has to; Don’t wait to achieve goals and resolve conflicts and Allow the dying to accept and discuss their situation.

The story includes a great YouTube clip by Caitlin Doughty from Order of the Good Death and Ask the Mortician.  Read the full story and enjoy the pictures at:


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