Lessons about life from the death of a cat

Just like humans, animals of all species die every day of the week.  Without so much as a whimper their deaths go largely unnoticed and for the most part without us pausing to think how we might learn a lesson or two along the way.  Tim Dick, in: A life lesson in the death of a much loved family cat (SMH, January 2, 2017)  reminds us that when it comes to family pets – in this case Rocko – or for that matter other animals for whom we have some responsibility, there is choice about how they die.

“As he lay dying on the vet table, our sadness came tinged with relief that the law is gentle enough to allow vets to put down pets when their time has come. His suffering was exceptionally short, his end far more peaceful than we force some people to endure.”

For the full story go to: http://www.smh.com.au/comment/a-life-lesson-in-the-death-of-a-muchloved-cat-20161230-gtjwwk.html

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