No coffin

Many people say their aim is to have a natural death.  Many people would surely like to follow this up with a natural departure as part of the funeral process.  Few have the aim reach its target. Somewhere along the way the arrow swerves horribly off course and we end up with a somewhat unnatural ending, that could involve nasty chemicals and lavishly decorated coffins.

For those interested in knowing about charting a different course this story from ABC journalist Larissa Romensky (#nocoffin: the natural death movement, ABC Central Victoria 27 Nov 2015) is worth reading.

Holistic Funeral Director Libby Moloney is one of the instigators of the Natural Death Advocacy Network, an organisation advocating holistic approaches to dying and death.

Ms Moloney said the natural death movement was becoming more popular, partially as a response to the cost of conventional funeral care and also because of the environmental impact. The ex-accountant and mother of three opened her own holistic funeral business in Woodend about three years ago.

Read the full story at:

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