One of Bellamy’s veal pies

Jean Kittson, is best known for her work as a comedian, but that does not mean she limits herself to making fun of life’s everyday situations.

“It’s an interesting fact that 70 per cent of us, at the end of our lives, will not be making our own decisions”, writes Kittson, in Talking about dying won’t kill you, Palliative Care Australia says. (SMH July 11, 2015).

She is not alone when she says: “I was not brought up to deal with the death and dying of family and friends”.

It was “William Pitt, the British prime minister, whose last words were: ‘I think I would like one of Bellamy’s veal pies’”.  And why not?  To die looking forward to one of life’s pleasures, must surely be a better ending than experienced by many.  Trouble was the family didn’t know.

“So talk about death”, says Kittson.  That way we just might end up bringing our families along with us for the final fling, and we won’t “go to the grave wearing a lipstick or an outfit we wouldn’t be seen dead in”.

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