Think, Talk and Tell

It is National Palliative Care Week from May 25-31 and the theme for this years awareness week is Dying to Talk.  We are all encouraged to do three simple things: THINK, TALK and TELL.   One good way to get started is to gather family and/or friends (or workmates and colleagues), make a cuppa, have a meal and watch a 10-minute video to focus attention and provide some background information.  These might include: Marmadukes’s Story, about a 4-year old boy and his family; Bassam’s Story, about what it’s like to live with the knowledge that life is finite, or I Didn’t Want That, a powerful short film from Dying Matters UK, that shows the importance of making your end of life wishes clear.  Get started by logging onto: http://www.pallcare.asn,au

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