A broken heart

This is the story that includes reference to a home funeral.  It is by no means the central theme and does not appear in the slide sequence until almost the end.  It does seem like the natural extension of what took place during this child’s short life.

Journalist Rena Silverman, reports how Martin Lehmann comes to terms with creating a photo story of his family’s babysitter, Birgitte (A Broken Heart, a Child’s Life (New York Times, Feb. 19, 2015) who gives birth to a child ‘with a defect that would disrupt the infant’s blood flow. Birgitte grappled with decisions, from having an abortion to allowing surgery after birth.’

Martin Lehmann says that between Afghanistan’s war and Thailand’s tsunami, he has photographed “so many dead people you wouldn’t believe it.” Yet nothing has affected him more than Rose, a little girl with “half a heart” who lived in Copenhagen, his hometown.

Read the full story and view the 24 slides here: http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/02/19/a-broken-heart-a-childs-life/?smid=fb-nytimes&smtyp=cur&bicmp=AD&bicmlukp=WT.mc_id&bicmst=1409232722000&bicmet=1419773522000&_r=0#

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