Words need backup with substance

“I have never met a single client who did not express a wish that they would like to live, as long as they were healthy, but under no circumstances were to be kept alive if they had deteriorated to a level where life had become unbearable.”

In, Reality bites at critical time, (Newcastle Herald, Business, 25.09.14) Noel Whittaker says there is more to fulfilling a dying one’s wishes than just the funeral arrangements. He goes on to point out that “Baby boomers don’t just face the challenges of building an investment portfolio …. they also have the problem of looking after the affairs of their aging parents.  Unfortunately it’s becoming a legal minefield.”

These are again urgent reasons for doing advance planning.  An Advance Health Care Directive, an Enduring Power of Attorney. Making sure they are readily available is also important.  No good having them stashed away in a safe deposit box at the bank, which is what happened in one case. House insurance is another matter to consider.  And what to do with property if/when the last surviving parent has to vacate the house to be admitted to a nursing home for months or maybe years?  As ever, getting good advise is vital.

At Die-alogue Cafe we recommend getting well informed before seeking professional help.  The net is a good source of information; there are some good reference books and there is perhaps family or friends who can throw some light on the subject.  Make the first meeting, information gathering only.  Don’t be pressured into signing up for something without getting a second opinion or another quote.  It is not a good idea to make decisions of this magnitude on the spur of the moment. And finally, baby boomers will do themselves a favour if they take the opportunity to get their own affairs sorted out at the same time.  It can be done too late, but it can never be done too early.

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