Death: It’s a living

This film has been out for over 12 months, but the contents remain timely.  Broadcast on January 31, 2013, it notes how: Death is about leaving here, for the here-after.  And it’s not free. Death isn’t just a certainty, it’s an industry.  Death: It’s a living, (CNBC.COM) documents how profitable dying can be for business and how expensive it is for families.

What is called a traditional funeral, is in fact a commercially created tradition of a very different vintage – the idea being that the more we spend, the more we are showing our love for the dead.  Americans die at the rate of 2.5 million per year and spend $17 billion a year on the rituals and customs surrounding death.

We talk about having Advance Health Care Directives, maybe it’s time we prepared Advance Death Care Directives that include Advance Funeral Directives – before I go, you should know!  Doing nothing leaves a vacuum where the under prepared looking for a service, get outsmarted by the well prepared who have turned death into a lucrative living.

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